I’m Camille

I have so much love to give and I cannot wait to be a mom! Like you, I want to give your child the best life and all the opportunities life has to offer. Your child will have a life full of love, laughter, happiness and adventure.

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My lifestyle, home & family

My first (and probably last) ski lesson!


  • I LOVE traveling – 25 countries so far – favorites are Italy, Vietnam, Costa Rica, St. Lucia, New Zealand
  • I’ve been in banking my entire career – I work in our Foreign Exchange Group
  • I love to read and I am so excited to share that passion with a child.
  • I love playing games, spades, dominoes & board games.
  • Being physically active is important to me: walking Bailey, cycling & spin classes, dancing
  • My parents come from large families of Caribbean descent. I can’t wait to share our Caribbean culture and food, like roti and curry and cook-up rice, with my child.

Welcome to My House!!

I’ve lived in North Carolina for 16 years, having moved here from New Jersey. I love North Carolina—especially the weather and quality of life.

My home has three bedrooms and a fenced-in backyard that’s perfect for playing. It’s close to parks, local museums and shows for children – which I love, and have done with my nieces. I love my cozy, colorful home and can’t wait to share it with a child. Our neighborhood is full of young families with children for play dates.

Meet Bailey

I’ve had Bailey, a standard poodle, for six years and she’s a smart, kind, well-behaved dog. We’re looking forward to taking your child on walks and going to our neighborhood playground and pool.

Having some fun with my nieces at the Grand Canyon!

I have two amazing nieces from one of my brothers – they can’t wait to have a little cousin!